Philipp Plein – Motion Control Factory Line – Fashion Show

Philipp Plein - Milan Fashion Week
Philipp Plein - Milan Fashion Week 2015 - Robotic Motion Control Catwalk
Philipp Plein – Milan Fashion Week 2015 – Robotic Motion Control Catwalk

Congratulations to all of our team (and the entire crew) that pulled off what could possibly be one of the most complex Fashion Show events to date for Philipp Plein in Milan this week.

They gave me just a very short period of time (not saying because I don’t want to set a precedent) to program eight motion control robots, a Milo, 3x Bolts, 2x Talos, a Titan, and a StudioBot, for a live 21 minute one-time one-shot event.  As if it was not going to be tough enough, the entire show was constantly in-flux and changing, and the project could not be put together until 20hrs before doors-open to accommodate client running-order requirements (39x model); some models were to be given Sun-Glasses (25x), some bags (25x), some both, and some nothing.  The order could not be set until after the auditions had finished the night before the show.  A big thanks to Julian for coming on-board to do the Titan – day one of client brief it became clear that the job required additional resources.

To add to that, the show had to integrate a Courtney Love live performance singing with a robot band playing real instruments.  In all, it was extremely hard work by a fantastically professional team resulting in a spectacular show. Hopefully we can go into more detail should the client clear that to happen.