Services And Rentals

Tailored Services and Rentals

We provide a number of services and rentals that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements.  If you do not find precisely what you require from the list below, then please contact us directly to discuss.

Previs Shot Creation

Design and testing of camera work, layout, 3D solving, and planning for on-set shooting of live plates. All platforms: hand-held, steadi-cam, crane, gyro, and motion control rigs.

Motion Control Rental & Sim

Motion Control fully dynamic rig simulation / solving. Plan shots in advance knowing whether they will run on the real rig in advance. Position, speed, acceleration testing on all rigs.

On-Set Visualisation

Real time camera tracking system developed for Harry Potter and Angels And Demons enables any camera to be tracked indoors or outside to extremely high accuracy in real time. 3D CGI composited live & FBX export.

Post & Custom Dev

We develop Motion Control, Robotics, and Camera Tracking solutions for Feature Film production. 3D workflow, rapid prototyping, CGI compatible data & interfaces.