500+ Projects / 750+ Awards including OSCARS, BAFTAs, EMMYs, THEAs…

  • Extraordinary Destinations / Attractions / Theme Parks
  • Media / Feature Film / TV / Commercial
  • Education

We have over thirty years’ experience in creative development and design of:

  • Extraordinary Destinations
  • Luxury Tourism Resorts
  • Thrilling Theme Park Attractions
  • Outstanding Feature, Animations and Live Shows
  • Inspirational Museum Exhibits
  • Engaging Sports Interactions
  • Experiential Marketing Relationships
  • Exceptional Film Studio Facilities

From Aladdin to Labyrinth, Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, we are expert consultants helping some of the world’s biggest show come to life:

  • Production Management
  • IP & Creative Development
  • Project Planning & Technical Implementation
  • Art & Virtual Art Department
  • Visual and Special Effects
  • Virtual Production
  • Robotics, Animatronics and Motion Control
  • Characters, Creatures and Motion Capture
Take4D Projects

We help educate the next generation of creative talent working with governments and the world leading film and television training centres. By designing exciting and engaging training courses and event workshops, we inspire people to push the boundaries of content creation.


Advanced Cinematography Services

Virtual Production

Design and testing of camera work, layout, 3D solving, LED volumes and planning for on-set shooting of live plates. All platforms: hand-held, steadi-cam, crane, gyro, and motion control rigs.

On-Set VFX

Real time camera tracking system developed for Harry Potter and Angels And Demons enables any camera to be tracked indoors or outside to extremely high accuracy in real time. 3D CGI composited live & FBX export.


Motion Control

Motion Control fully dynamic rig simulation / solving. Plan shots in advance knowing whether they will run on the real rig in advance. Position, speed, acceleration testing on all rigs.

Philipp Plein - Milan Fashion Week

Post & Custom Dev

We develop custom VFX pipeline and data solutions for Motion Control and Camera Tracking. 3D workflow, rapid prototyping, CGI compatible data & interfaces.

Real Time Remote Studio