A Bot for Every Occasion – Virtual Production Universal Motion Control Solver

Our Virtual Production universal soldier is our “Universal Solver”

Program real world motion control rigs from CGI Previs with Take4D’s Universal Motion Control Solver (UMCS).

Take4D’s Universal Motion Control Solver has been design to mechanically simulate any motorised rig. This is much more than regular IK found in programs such as Maya or 3DSMax; it is true dynamic robotic simulator – it knows about real world physics. Off the shelf rigs include all the standard platforms such as General Lift, Mark Roberts, Kuka, Stabuli, Kuper and more.  Other custom rigs can easily be added.

A “Solver” is an algorithm that tells a robot how to follow a pre-determined path.  Our “Solver” is world class and used in many Hollywood Feature Films and Theme Park Rides. Clients include Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount….

Advanced mathematical simulation and modelling of real world robotics ensures that data is clean and fault free, significantly reducing production costs and wasted time on-set.  Savings over traditional pipelines can be as much as 35-40%.

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