Unreal Engine LiveLink Plugin

Take4D Unreal Engine LiveLink Plugin

We are proud to announce our new Unreal Engine LiveLink plugin.

Virtual Production requirements are increasing at a rapid pace, and we have met this demand by developing a new LiveLink plugin which caters for the most demanding productions.  It is equally at home in the PRE-PRODUCTION / PREVIS / TECHVIS stage of development, allowing shot to be rapidly visualised and planned, as it is in the on-set environment of MAIN UNIT PRODUCTION for real time camera tracking, ICVFX (In-Camera VFX) and LED Volume displays.

Whilst we have supported data-streaming plugins for UE4 for many years, this is a new plugin designed from the ground up and works in conjunction both in real-time and offline-non-real-time modes with CineBridge and our Take4D Virtual Production Studio products.

The plugin is available for purchase and rental.  Please feel free to get in contact for a demonstration or more details.

Ultra-Low Latency

They entire plugin has been designed for optimal data synchronisation and low latency.

Camera Tracking

  • Optical Motion Capture
  • Motion Control Rigs (reverse engineered in real time from axis encoder data)
  • MoSys Star Tracker
  • TechnoCrane / TechnoDolly
  • Louma Crane

Camera MetaData

  • Dynamic Camera FilmBacks – Arri / Red / Sony / Phantom / BlackMagic…
  • Zoom Focus / Iris / Aperture MetaData

Motion Control

  • Mark Roberts Motion Control / FLAIR
    • Bolt / Milo / Titan / Cyclops…
  • Kuper Controls
  • Kuka
  • Pacific Motion
  • General Lift

Motion Bases

  • 6 Axis Hexapods


  • LTC TimeCode


Our official development partners:

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