Virtual Production

Short Description

Virtual Production is an accurate computer simulation of your production.  It may be the complete film beginning to end, or it may just be a small number of sequences or shots.

Long Description

Virtual Production is an accurate computer generated design space within which ideas can be tested, digital versions of sets and locations can be scouted, character performances and camera layout explored, equipment selected and mechanically simulated, and decisions made that directly carried forward throughout the entire production pipeline.


3D Computer Generated

    • 3D Environments / Models / LiDAR
    • Sky / Lighting / Day / Night
    • Atmospherics / Fog / Rain
    • Character / Creatures

 2D Plates

    • Pre-recorded Footage


    • Robotics & Motion Control Cameras


    • Virtual Art Department
    • Previsualisation
    • Real Time Camera Tracking 
    • In Camera Rendering / LED Walls
    • Green / Blue Screen Live Compositing
    • On-Set Visualisation
    • Post Visualisation

We firmly believe in bridging the gap between Pre-Visualisation, Production, and Post-Visualisation, some term this Virtual Production – we like to call it just “Visualisation”.

Cost and Time Saving

One of the greatest benefits that Take4D brings to effects productions is significant cost and time savings.  Whilst each project has unique requirements, Take4D products and services delivers an unprecedented level of clarity and efficiency, shortening development times, and eliminating errors and waste.  Due to the ability to see things live in real time on-set, issues that are typically not seen until much later in the pipeline are identified or even corrected before they become a costly problem.