Take4D Virtual Production Studio

Take4D Virtual Production Studio

Virtual Production / Real Time Camera Tracking / Motion Capture & Control

Take4D Virtual Production Studio is a software and hardware solution that integrates real time camera tracking, compositing, motion control and motion capture.  It can be used as stand alone or integrated into your production pipeline, streaming data into third party products.


  • Save Time and Money
  • Improve Confidence
  • Avoid Errors


  • Virtual Set Extensions and Character Animations Live On-Set

    – Direct actors with 3D CGI elements live in-frame.
    – Real time set extensions rather than blank Blue/Green Screens.
    – Correct eye lines with CG characters.
    – Better performances with simultaneous actor/animations.

  • Camera and model moves that WILL WORK in the real world

    – Test & analyse camera-work on any platform or rig.
    – Moves within range, speed, and acceleration limits.
    – Program motion control work in advance without access to the hardware.
    – Convert 3D Previz to Motion Control Camera rigs in SECONDS not hours.

  • Eliminate the need for Match Moving

    – Track cameras in real-time live on-set and use the data in Post Production.
    – Use accurate lens distortion data, including zoom and animorphic.

  • Simulate a real camera crane or Motion Control Rig

    – Fully simulate Motion Control rigs without needing a physical rig present.
    – Solve seemingly impossible camera & motion base moves in seconds.
    Compatible with all Mark Robert’s, Kuper Control, TechnoDolly rigs.