Take4D makes a Car Welding Robot
dance with Kimberly Wyatt (ex. PussyCat Doll)

ASFF Award 2016

Robo – Trumble

Nikon presents a film by Nikon Ambassador John Wright, featuring the Nikon/MRMC Studio Bot and ex Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt as they perform together.

The production was shot entirely on a Nikon D810 camera attached to the Nikon/MRMC robotic solution and demonstrates the level of creative control available on the Nikon/MRMC Studio Bot as it is animated to dance with professional dancer and performer Kimberly.

No CGI was used in the making of this production and all camera positions where robotic or static.

The Making Of

Richard Widgery utilised Take4D’s Auto-Solve feature to achieve this dance.  This enabled Richard to focus on the movement of the Nikon Camera placed on the end of the robot, rather than constraints of the robot itself.  The Auto-Solver worked out what robot was capable of regardless animation of the Nikon Camera.