Hansel And Gretel The Witch Hunters

Hansel & Gretel – The Witch Hunters

Take4D creates worlds first Motion Control helicopter shots Technocrane Technocrane – used to record the original camera moves XBox Controller Testing Green screen shot – Image ¬©Paramount Studios Take4D – Nettmann SuperG Controller in action Jeremy Braben – DOP – discussing shots with pilot Heico Zimmer Oliver Ward – Engineer – rigging the SuperG Pre-flight checks Richard Widgery last minute wind effect compensation development Caught by the public – Image ¬©Johannes Herrmann Jon Farhat – VFX Supervisor Low flying over the Bavarian Alps Very low flying over the Bavarian Alps “Could Take4D playback pre-recorded camera moves on a gyro stabilised helicopter camera flying at 100mph 20 feet above the trees? At present, there is no system in the world that […]