B’Ars 2016 – Barcelona International Arts & VFX Fair

B’Ars 2016 – Barcelona International Arts & VFX Fair


Virtual Production & Cinematography Presentation Talk

11am Saturday 4th June 2016 – ARTS SANTA MONICA, La Rambla, 7 – 08002 Barcelona



Richard Widgery will be giving a presentation on Virtual Production & Cinematography.



  • Pre-Visualization
  • On-Set Real-Time Rendering
  • Real-Time Camera Tracking
  • CG Virtual Sets & Character Animation Visualisation
  • Motion Control
  • Post Production


The talk will also include exclusive behind the scene footage of the new UK Feature Film “Macbeth” currently in development.  On-set real-time visualisation and “Titan” Motion Control programming was provided by Take4D to this extremely ambition Virtual Set show.  The camera moves and performance timings are pivotal to the narrative and only could be achieved using T4D Virtual Studio.

GSP Studios - Macbeth
GSP Studios – Macbeth