Take4D Virtual Production – Hand Held Camera Tracking

Part of the Virtual Production toolkit we have developed includes real time hand held camera tracking and composition of computer generated elements into the live image.

Take4D Virtual Production – Red Dragon 85mm Hand Held Camera Tracking

This example above is a Red Dragon with an 85mm Lens. It is being tracked to a post production quality level of data in real time live on location.

The chequered board is not using in the camera tracking, only to give a one-time frame of reference for the top of the box. Pause the video to see the accurate motion blur.

The data rendered here is RAW data from the tracking system and has not been post processed in any way. Every take is at the same factory calibrated level of quality.

Take4D Virtual Production – Car

In the example above, Take4D VPS is running on a laptop in the back of a vehicle; it can be configured to run on mains or 100% on battery.

The camera is a Canon 5D MkII with a Nikor 16mm prime lens. The composition can be rendered either in Take4D’s internal ultra low latency render (as shown here) or streamed live into Unreal Engine, Unity, MotionBuilder or Maya.

With the Take4D VPS internal rendering pipeline, the composition is displayed with less than two frames latency.

Take4D Virtual Production are the most accurate tools for real time camera tacking available on the market today.

The system is available for purchase or rental. Please contact us for more information.