Previs Shot Creation

Camera-Work That Works In The Real World

Take4D Camera Layout Pre-visuatisation

Previs Shot Creation

Significant time and cost saving by planning for real world shooting.

We work with you from the very earliest stages of project development to create concept artwork and pre-visualisations that can be shot in the real world.  We are experts in digital and cellulose cinematography, including grip technology, motion control, robotics, and model moves.  We can help you get from ideas to screen with dramatic savings and reduction in errors by in-depth real-world simulations and detailed technical layouts.

Understanding the real world shot creation process is key.  We have developed proprietary technology (Take4D Virtual Studio) that mirrors real camera, cranes, motion control rigs, flight base simulators and more.  Industrial engineering and mechanics is of prime importance in complex projects, and we can identify problems before they occur in virtual prototyping and simulation


  • Camera moves that will work in the real world!
  • Save time and money knowing the Pre-Visualisation is shootable including on-set changes
  • Plan on-set physical layout and logistics
  • Reduce downtime on-set


  • Analysed and conformed against real world rigs / platforms
  • Input from:
    • 2D Plate Tracking
    • 3D Key-Frame Animation / Previz
    • Other Motion Control Rigs
  • Output to 2D / 3D / Motion Control (via our Solving Service)