On-Set Visualisation

Real Time Camera Tracking & Compositing

Our product, Take4D Virtual Studio, incorporates a number of different real time camera tracking systems for different shooting requirements – from hand-held and steadicams, through to cranes, motion capture virtual cameras systems, and full motion control rigs.


  • Reduce errors on-set saving money in post production and re-shoots
  • Correct eye-lines to CG elements
  • Entire crew understand shot
  • Better performances as all elements are choreographed simultaneously
  • Reduce time and cost by accelerating post-visualisation


  • Visualise CG element live on-set
  • Set Extensions
  • 3D animated characters
  • Real time lens-distortion correction
  • Chromakey & blend compositing
  • Colour correction
  • Stream data into 3rd party applications

We create new or optimise existing previs assets for use during shooting.  DOPs, directors, actors and the crew can visualise exactly what CG elements are to be inserted later. Assist eye lines, interactions, and choreograph timings to elements that would otherwise not be seen until post-vis or later in the production pipeline.

Reduce costs and improve performances by having confidence in the final image, and reduce the editing pipeline by using the real time visualisation as first pass without needing to wait for post-vis.