Motion Capture

Simultaneous CG Characters and Live Action


Take4D merges real world camera tracking and motion capture technologies to achieve simultaneous plate and live character animation.

  • Both CG and non-CG actors performing together in the same or near-same space simultaneously
  • Better performances and from both
  • Better direction
  • Correct eye-lines in real time on-set
  • Eliminate performance timing errors

The data can be rendered in Take4D’s own render engine or passed forward to third party products such as Maya and MotionBuilder in real time.


Live Characters


Virtual Camera Programming of Motion Control Rigs

Take4D can record and convert virtual cameras back into motion control data.  A camera move may be rehearsed on a hand-held virtual device (such as an LCD monitor in the example below).  That can be recorded and solved to a motion control system within a couple of seconds.  The Motion Control camera can repeatedly perform the hand held movement whilst Take4D inserts the live CG characters simultaneously.  Hence it is possible to achieve hand held “look and feel” shots by using the motion capture system to program the motion control rig – all with live CG characters.


 Additional Motion Capture Movies