FIZ Recorder

Focus Iris Zoom Recorder

FIZRecorder is a highly customisable Viewer and Logger for CineFlex Focus, Iris, and Zoom data.


FIZRecorder v3


    • View Focus, Iris and Zoom Data in customisable vertical or horizontal bar graphs
    • Depth of Field Display on Focus graph
    • Optional calibration of graphs to real world values
    • Optional – LTC TimeCode reader
    • Optional – video overlay
  • Optional – Log Data to ASCII files for use in Visual Effects and CGI Pipelines
    • Software Only or Hardware (Video) versions available
    • Software Only license can be remotely activated (request any duration of activation – no need to purchase outright)
    • Windows 7, 8, 10
    • Motherboard or USB Serial RS232
  • Microphone or Line-In Jack for Audio LTC


 Basic StandardProElite
Data Logging
Optional Extra
Add £30/day
Add £120/5d week
Add £30/day
Add £120/5d week
Add £30/day
Add £120/5d week
Add £30/day
Add £120/5d week
VersionSoftware OnlySoftware OnlySoftware OnlyHardware Version
Price / day£90 GBP£120 GBP£160 GBP£330 GBP
Price / 5day week£400 GBP£520 GBP£700 GBP£1400 GBP
RS232 Serial DataYesYesYesYes
Calibrate DataYesYesYes
Linear Time-CodeYesYes
Video OverlayYes

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