BSC Expo – Pinewood Studios 2015.

For the BSC Expo 2015 held at Pinewood Studios – 30/31 January, Take4D and Louma2 partnered to show real-time Virtual Studio including live a Performance Capture character running from a single laptop. The system is ultra-portable and suitable for indoor and outdoor shooting with minimal set-up time.

All the camera tracking was done inside the crane; there was nothing on the camera and no other tracking equipment required – no markers and nothing on the front of the camera.

Frame latencies were optimised for camera operators – there is practically no delay in the entire system. To the remote head operator, everything feels the same as normal – just with a CGI composite rather than raw camera image only.

For Director / DOF / Cinematographers:
– See a representation of the final image, live in camera.
– Direct performances with CGI characters and Virtual Sets in one single take. No split performances required.
– Total understanding of the shot, the emotion, in-context, and with sympathetic design.
– Explore camera angle that would not be possible without CGI composition.
– Correct eye-lines.

For Producers:
– Save time and money by minimising errors and delays.
– Rapid deployment anywhere in the world.
– Avoid re-shoots.

Real Time Performance Capture:
– Low cost “previs quality” performance capture on-set.
– Usable for final data in many situations.
– Rapid deployment (single backpack luggage).
– Remote capture – Stream MoCap data anywhere in the world with extremely low latency.