Virtual Production and Real Time Visualisation company providing tools and services to:

  • Feature Film
  • Television / Commercials
  • Video Games
  • Theme Parks
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Aerospace

Take4D tools have been used to create some of the worlds most spectacular visuals – from construction of “The Forbidden Journey Ride” at Harry Potter World – Universal Studios Florida, through to helicopter shots at 150 mph for the latest Hollywood blockbuster feature films.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production is the start to end process of creating digital production in real time enabling creative freedom and decision making to rise above the technology.

VP may or may not include real world filming.  We are unique – we have developed technology that sits between three worlds.

Take4D Virtual Studio v3

Take4D Virtual Production

Take4D - Virtual Production - 3D CGI Motion Capture / Robotics & Motion Control / Real Time Camera Tracking

3D CGI Motion Capture / Robotics & Motion Control / Real Time Camera Tracking

We cover three main areas:

  • Real Time Camera Tracking & Rendering

    Cameras are tracked and composited in real time to create Live Virtual Studio  on-set.  This data may be recorded and used in post production.

  • 3D CGI & Motion Capture / Performance Capture

    3D Models and CG Characters are captured in real time and rendered into live video / camera tracking.

  • Robotics & Motion Control Cameras

    MoCo & Robotic cranes are programmed from 3D Applications such as Maya, Max, and MotionBuilder.  Data may also be reverse engineered from rigs back to 3D eliminating the need for MatchMoving.

The company was established by Richard Widgery to provide cinematographers the tools they need to match their creativity. Take4D are veteran pioneers in digital cinematography, motion capture and motion control having been at the fore-front of development since 1989. Their innovation in feature film, games, television and virtual production makes them the go-to people in complicated multi-skilled shooting set-ups. Take4D draws on a wide range of technologies to give DOPs, directors and visual effects artist the tools needed to stay ahead of audience expectations with a blend of artistic and industrial engineering that sit firmly in between all three worlds… practical cinematography, CGI, and visionary ideals.

We firmly believe in bridging the gap between Pre-Visualisation, Production, and Post-Visualisation, some term this Virtual Production – we like to call it just “Visualisation”.

Cost and Time Saving

One of the greatest benefits that Take4D has brought to effects productions in the significant cost and time savings.  Whilst each project has unique requirements, Take4D products and services brings an unprecedented level of clarity and efficiency, shortening development times, and eliminating errors and waste.

Please take a look around our site and contact us to discuss your specific requirements.