Take4D is a Virtual Production, Robotics and Real Time Visualisation company providing tools and services to:

  • Entertainment
  • Theme Parks
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Military
  • Aerospace

Virtual Production

Virtual Production merges the digital and physical worlds in the manufacturing and content creation pipeline.  It enables real-time creative decision-making by removing traditional barriers caused by “desktop productions”.  Combining motion tracking, machine control, and live on-location visualisation / rendering, objects are “inserted” and “interactively modified” in the real world that would only otherwise exist in the computer at a later stage in production.

We are veteran pioneers in digital cinematography, motion capture and motion control having been at the fore-front of development since 1989. Their innovation in feature film, games, television and virtual production makes them the go-to people in complicated multi-skilled shooting set-ups. We draw on a range of technologies to give DOPs, directors and visual effects artist the tools needed to stay ahead of audience expectations with a blend of artistic and industrial engineering that sit firmly in between all three worlds… practical cinematography, CGI, and creative visualisation.

Cost and Time Saving

Our Virtual Production pipeline significantly reduces cost and time.  Whilst each project has unique requirements, our products and services delivers an unprecedented level of clarity and efficiency, shortening development times, and eliminating errors and waste.  Due to the ability to see things live in real time on-set, issues that are typically not seen until much later in the pipeline are identified or even corrected before they become a costly problem.